- Po Box Collection
- Banking service
- Dx Collection
- No Lock In Contracts
- 14 Years Experience
- From $3.50 a day



At Mail and parcel express we are committed to providing you with solutions that meet your company’s individual needs. 

We are more than happy to design services that fit within your requirements.

If you require a service that is not listed below simply call our team and they will be more than happy to help you find a solution


PO Box and DX Box mail delivery:

Each morning (or on days selected by you) you can have us clear your PO Box/DX Box and deliver the mail straight to your office at a time specified by you. We are also able to clear multiple boxes from the same or different post office branches.

Dx Mail can be delivered the same time.

Delivery times: From 7.00am onwards.

Outbound Mail Pick-Up:

We are more than happy to pick up your outbound mail each afternoon and post it for you.

Dx mail can be picked-up and lodged to.

Collection times: up to 6pm



Express Cheque Deposit Cash and Counter Deposits:

Save your staff from having to run out of the office to deposit the banking. Especially if it involves them standing in endless queues.

Mail and Parcel Express takes care of all your banking needs including Express deposits and over-the-counter banking, securely and cost effectively.



Mail Processing & Bulk mail handling/Folding and Inserting Mail Service:

Outgoing mail can be processed by us each day the counting and sorting weighing of your mail can be done by Mail and Parcel Express then posted.


Mail such as invoices, statements and other bulk mail applications can be processed far more efficiently through our fast speed folding and inserting equipment.

We collect the bulk mail from your office, process and deliver to Australian Post for mailing usually the same day.

Alternatively a electronic copy of the bulk mail application can be sent to us by email for print, fold and insert into envelopes, then lodged at Australia post



Please contact us for more information on such services.


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